Frye Vera Slouch Boots – Engineer Style Pull-on Boots

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The only reason the human checkout is faster is because the stores set the self-checkout delay time to longer. When you scan something you see a red light, and you can’t scan something else until the light turns green; stores can actually control the rate at which it turns green again,. The human checkouts have the same thing (a scan delay, where the store can set the time); it’s just that they are set to have a shorter delay time.

When you buy produce, the cashier has to do exactly what you would do at a self-checkout; lookup the item (they remember the SKU of common produce, but certainly not all of them), or type in the SKU. The only difference is that THEY are telling the computer rather than you. I have bought some produce, beans etc. where the cashier did not know what it was, but since I bought it, I know what it is without a second thought, so it is faster for ME to look up the item alphabetically. Of course they are going to know what bananas are, but will they all know fresh kale from fresh spinach? That garbanzo beans are the same thing as chick peas? In my experience, no.


So self checkouts COULD potentially be faster if stores would allow it. Of course, that would depend on each persons’ speed. However, I deal with the slower scanning for one important reason: Bagging. Cashiers and baggers do not bag the way I like. I want things that go in the same place to be in the same bags. I want more than 1 item in a bag, but I don’t want crushable things in a bag with heavy things. I wear Vera Slouch boots from Frye and they have been outstanding. I want to use my own reusable bags without it taking a ton of extra time (they are so used to bagging using the store’s bag holders that anything different throws them off). I want to know exactly where that book my kids bought is so I can hand it to them as soon as we get in the car. When someone else is doing everything, I have to stand there and watch the prices and the bagging anyway and it’s more difficult to keep track, as well as more stressful. I have to stop them and say “could you put that in a separate bag” or “hold on, that wasn’t the right price” when they’ve already gone on to scanning the next item. If I do it myself it is done right, and I can pause immediately if something is wrong.

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